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SOHO (Small Office / Home Office)

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SOHO (от англ. Small Office, Home Office) — название сегмента рынка электроники, предназначенного для домашнего использования. Как правило характеризует устройства не предназначенные для производственных нагрузок и довольно хорошо переживающие длительные периоды бездействия.

Сеть SOHO — локальная компьютерная сеть. Сеть обычно представленна одним кабинетом или комнатой. В сети используется сетевые коммутаторы Ethernet или повторители и кабель 5-той категории, или беспроводная сеть Wi-Fi.

Сеть позволяет использовать ресурсы всех компьютеров для передачи/хранения данных, а так же получать доступ в сеть Интернет через один из компьютеров или сетевой шлюз. В сети SOHO можно использовать сервер для контроля доступа к сети, общего хранилища данных, а так же разделять права пользователей.бизнес)

Глоссарий SOHO-терминов

SOHO SPEAK - Words and phrases for Home Workers

Commute: Travel back and forth to an employer's facility.

Coupreneurs: Married couples working at home together.

CyberWorker: Employees who work from home using computers and the internet.

Dot.Com: Virtual business that is operated on the Internet and does not have traditional store fronts or office space.

Extranet: A security system that permits remote users to securely utilize the internet as an extension of a corporate computing network. Also called a VPN.

Face Time: Time spent not telecommuting ( time spent at the office, interacting with coworkers and supervisors). Face Time is usually deemed important for remote workers in terms of professional development, interaction and social connections.

Flexiplace: Part of the "Federal Flexible Workplace Program." Gives employees the opportunity to work from home or at a telecenter.

Guru: A freelancer, consultant, independent contractor or moonlighter. An expert in any given field or area who uses his/her expertise as a resource to others.

Hotelling: A telecommuting program in which employees do not maintain a specific office at the employer's facility, but, rather, make reservations in advance for one of a number of offices on the days that they commute. Compare with Motelling.

Motelling: A telecommuting program in which employees do not maintain a specific office at the employer's facility, but, rather, are assigned one of number of offices on the days that they commute. Compare with Hotelling.

Netizen: A citizen of the Internet.

Netpreneur: Home workers that make a living with a web site or

Remote Access: Access of an employer's computer system from any off-site location. Remote Access refers to the direct telephone dial-up of an employer's LAN and the utilization of the Internet to communicate with an employer's computer network.

Satelite Office: Remote office locations placed within a large concentration of employee residences, allowing employees to telecommute.

SOHO: Short for: Small Office/Home Office. Used to identify people who work from home or small home based businesses.

Telecenter: A satellite office dedicated to the support of teleworkers. Telecenters may support the employees of a single organization or may provide office space to multiple organizations. Telecenters operate under a number of different models; corporate ownership, corporate partnerships, and independent office providers; some are supported by the public sector.

Telecommuting: moving the work to the workers instead of moving the workers to work; periodic work out of the principal office, one or more days per week either at home or in a telework center.

Teleloafing: An invalid perception of telecommuting, usually attributed to middle managers fearful of losing control.

Telework: All work performed away from an employer's place of business (or an employee's primary office space, see Telecenter). Telework includes on-the-road sales and consulting, contract work performed at home, work conducted at a telecenter, distributed call center activities, and telecommuting.

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